Private lessons

Offered to children of 5 years and +, private lessons are designed for people looking for individualized classes or for a faster progression, or those with a flexible schedule.

Private lessons can be given at any time of the day on weekdays, afternoons and evenings . It is also possible to schedule private lessons during the weekend. It is possible that during the private lessons, other activities will take place, like group lessons or freeswim.



1 hour

$ 75 plus taxes


4 hours

$ 195 plus taxes

2 students*

1 hour

$ 85 plus taxes


4 hours

$ 240 plus taxes

3 people*

1 hour

$ 95 plus taxes

4 hours

$ 300 plus taxes

To register for private lessons:

1. Determine a day and a time that you're available for the lessons.
2. Call us at 450 433-0638 to complete an application for private lessons from Monday to Friday from 9h AM to 5 PM.
3. If your availability matches with the schedule of one of our instructors, you will be contacted to confirm the date that your private courses will begin.
4. Payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice, after the phone confirmation.

Methods of payment accepted:

Cash or personal check only.
Credit or debit cards are not accepted.